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New For 2021: Free Lifetime Memberships For All

We’ve changed the way we do things here at Lingoo and are kicking off the new year with a bang by offering free lifetime memberships for all of our new and existing members.

Because whether you’re a current Lingoo member or your membership with us has expired, you can now take advantage of becoming a Verified Lifetime Member - for free.

That’s right, if you currently have or have ever had a membership with us, we’re offering lifetime adult, child and family group memberships, completely free of charge.

And what’s more, if you’re completely new to Lingoo, you’ll be able to try a free membership. Allowing you to search for paid homestays with host families or teachers, without jumping straight in with any upfront financial commitment.

Then when you’re ready to reserve your language homestay you’ll simply be upgraded to a Verified Member and you too can benefit from a lifetime membership.

The catch? There isn’t one. We’ve simply changed the way our membership and pricing structure works to allow language learners to get the most out of our homestay services.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Read on for the full lowdown.

N.B. Any reservations made in 2021 will be 100% protected and fully refundable in the event of cancellation due to COVID-19.

Lingoo Membership Types

Here’s some more details about our new membership structure:

2021 membership update

Range of Language Stays

To help you to choose the best membership profile for you (Verified, Full, or Free), here’s a recap of the differences between our range of language and cultural immersion stays:

  • Language Exchanges: These are two-way exchanges between families where both offer hospitality to each other in turn. You can read more information here.
  • Homestays with a Host Family: You or your child can receive full language immersion by living with a host family for a few weeks to a few months. Read more here.
  • Homestays with a Teacher: You or your child can stay in the home of a qualified teacher for structured language lessons and cultural immersion. Read more here.

Just to recap only full memberships will have access to arranging language exchanges. 

These exclusive stays between like-minded members are our most popular immersion experiences. Because not only are they a highly effective and totally modern approach to traditional exchanges, they are also the most affordable option. 


Further Benefits of a Verified Membership

If you are looking for paid homestays with host families and teachers, our new Verified Membership option is ideal for you. 

In addition to a security check, the ability to create an online verified profile and having a lifetime membership, the low cost one-time fee also allows you to indicate on your profile that you are interested in a language exchange.

This means that Full Members seeking a language exchange will be able to contact you. 

Our Lingoo Host Families and Teachers are also three times more likely to respond positively when contacted by Verified Members.

In addition you will be able to add other Verified Profiles free of charge, subject to validation. For example, maybe you have a child learning a language who you’d like to add or have a group profile as well as an individual one.

An option to hide your personal photos online except from members you know is available.

And as a Verified Member you will benefit from increased safety and transparency through access to the credentials file of the other member involved.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim a Lifetime Membership as a current member?

Simply click on the ‘Create Profile’ link on your account page and follow the instructions.


How do I reopen my previous account to claim lifetime membership?

You should just be able to log straight back in using the same address and password and again click on the ‘Create Profile’ link to start the process.

But if you experience any problems don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here.


What if I’ve forgotten my password?

On the login page there is an option to update your password. However, if you experience any problems in trying to reset it, please get in touch with us here.


How do I open a free membership? 

Click the ‘Join Now’ option on our homepage and fill in some basic details. You’ll then be asked to accept our T&C’s and verify your email address. From there you’ll be able to select a free membership profile and start the search for your perfect homestay experience. 

You can upgrade at any time, not just when you are ready to book.


Which membership type is recommended?

Our full membership gives you unrestricted access to the entire site and all of the Lingoo services. It includes everything that the Verified Membership includes, plus unrestricted access to language exchanges.

After the annual fee subscription ends you will automatically continue to benefit from a lifetime Verified Membership. The full membership also has the guarantee of a 12 month extension free of charge, if for any reason you aren't able to organise a language exchange in your first year. 

You will also be able to add another full profile, for example for another child, at a discounted price, and additional Verified Membership profiles free of charge, for example a group family profile in addition to an individual one.


Are there any limits on homestay searches and bookings?

All memberships benefit from unrestricted searches and bookings with a paid host family. However it is only Full members who can arrange two-way language exchange stays with another like minded Full Member.


Can a Verified Member search and reserve a two-way language exchange? 

Verified members can’t contact full members to arrange a language exchange, but they can indicate on their profiles that they would be interested in a language exchange. That way, a Full Member can see and contact the Verified Member.


What does the security check involve? 

For Full and Verified Memberships the security check involves verification of your identity and address by one of our team.

Free members should go through the security check during the reservation process, after they have found a host or teacher.


What should I include in my online profile?

You will be prompted throughout the process, but should include as much relevant information as possible as well as a selection of good quality photographs.


What are the price differences between the different memberships?

Our new membership and pricing structure brings inline prices for all groups: children, adults and family groups. Please click here for full price details for each membership type.


Who do I contact with further questions or for assistance?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us here with anything you need.


The holidays may still seem a long way off, but booking for the peak season has already begun so open your new FREE profile straight away and secure your summer homestay.


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