Stay with your teacher

You, your child or family group can choose a teacher who will provide you with structured language lessons and day-to-day conversation practice in a totally immersive and welcoming atmosphere.

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Stay with your teacher

By staying with a qualified language tutor, you, your child, teenager or family group can benefit from total linguistic and cultural immersion in a friendly home environment. Enjoy a combination of structured language lessons and conversational practice in everyday situations.

Total immersion through a teacher homestay means that whether your child is preparing for an exam or you personally are brushing up on your language skills for a professional qualification you have access to a uniquely intensive path to progress. Your teacher will assess your needs or those of your child and develop a personalised, one-to-one language course. So it’s not only a more targeted approach to learning but also a more economical one as there are no fees for a middleman.

And unlike a language school or teacher agency, you choose the teacher personally. Using Lingoo’s secure messaging system you can get to know your teacher first and then make all arrangements – including payments – directly with the teacher.

Hundreds of approved qualified teachers are registered with Lingoo. You can choose a teacher based on where you want to stay, shared interests – even diet or religion. Each Lingoo teacher has a personal profile that includes references and evaluations from students who’ve stayed on a homestay with that teacher. This all helps to avoid that terrible moment when you first ring the teacher’s bell and wonder who will answer, because you already know each other.  

Lingoo teachers

Lingoo teacher profiles are diverse. Some are full-time homestay teachers while others are school teachers with availability only during school holidays. Others are part-time homestay teachers and will explain their availability on their profiles. But all of them believe that learning a foreign language should be fun and full of the discovery that classroom settings simply cannot offer. They will help you learn and practise the language in everyday situations, in formal lessons or while indulging your hobbies. So it is always worthwhile choosing one with similar interests to your own.

Some teachers can also arrange to pick you (or your child) up at the airport or station and transport you there again when you return home.

Remember that Lingoo teachers go through a stringent validation process. Their identity and qualifications are checked personally by the Lingoo validation team before they can register with us. Together with references and visitor evaluations, contracts for each reservation, and support from the Lingoo team when misunderstandings occur, we ensure that your homestays are safe, secure and offer great value for money. The Lingoo contract is also there to help unaccompanied children pass through Immigration. Even your deposit is covered by our cancellation rules.   

In short, booking a homestay teacher through Lingoo is a totally immersive, fun way to learn a foreign language. And it will probably be an experience you will want to repeat. Click here to JOIN NOW.

How it works
Look through current teacher profiles. Visit the ‘Offers’ page (you don’t need to be a member)
Subscription provides each Member access to unlimited language trips for a 12-month period
Connect to other members, match your interests and read evaluations from previous visitors. Get to know your teacher using our secure messaging system.
Finalise the details of your stay via our secure an online reservation tool. You will receive a contract containing all the important details of the teacher homestay.
Become a teacher

Our homestay teachers provide meals and accommodation alongside formal or informal lessons to help students accelerate their language acquisition. You need to hold a professional qualification to teach your own language, or another language, to non-native speakers. Read more about becoming a homestay teacher.

Stay in the home of your teacher

Instead of using an expensive language school or agency, you, your child, teenager or family group can stay with language teachers from all over the world who are registered on Lingoo and ready to welcome you into their homes and teach one to one lessons.

If you, your child, teenager or family group want to learn or improve your French, we have many Lingoo French teachers living in France, Belgium and French speaking Switzerland.

If you, your child, teenager or family group want to learn or improve your German, we have many Lingoo German teachers living in Germany, Austria and German speaking Switzerland. Click to find an Italian teacher in Italy . Click to find a Portuguese teacher in Portugal and click to find a Spanish teacher in Spain. 

Lingoo is the only site of its kind on the market and all of our language teachers have followed a registration process with a clear protocol governing identification and security.

Live and learn in the home of your English teacher

Instead of using a language school, you, your child, teenager or family group can learn English in your teacher's home. Choose from hundreds of qualified English teachers all over the world who are registered on Lingoo and ready to welcome you into their homes for an English teacher homestay.

We have English teachers living in all parts of the United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Look for Teachers in one of the popular cities: London, Cambridge or Oxford.

The Republic of Ireland is a very popular destination for families seeking English teachers and made easy by the use of the Euro currency. Look for teachers in one of the popular cities such as Dublin, Cork or Kerry.

Further away, Lingoo has a growing number of English teachers in America, Canada and Australia and New Zealand.

There are many English teachers living in Spain and English teachers living in France who also offer an English welcome and one to one lessons without the need to travel too far.

If you are a qualified EFL or ESL teacher and are interested in joining the Lingoo community, read more on teaching English from home.