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Stay with an approved host family of your choice who will welcome you, your child or family into their home to support your language learning.

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Stay with a host family

By staying with a friendly host family, you, your child, teenager or family group can eat, sleep and breathe a new language and culture as part of a totally immersive experience. Your child might be preparing for an exam. Or perhaps you’d like to feed a personal passion for languages. Staying with a host family offers a relaxed, fun, yet intensive approach to language learning.

It also offers great value for money. There are no fees to pay to a middleman, so it’s cheaper than a language school or an agency. It’s an effective way to learn because you live with your host family, practising the language all day and avoiding the temptation to speak to other students in your native language. Your hosts provide a welcoming environment, support your learning, and offer an authentic window into their culture. And to help you make the most of your stay, you communicate with your host family before you book, getting to know them and their interests.

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Lingoo has thousands of registered, approved host families. We’re confident you’ll find one where you want to stay, that shares your interests, and even your diet or religion. Each host family has a personal profile that includes their interests as well as references and evaluations from previous guests. And because you’re able to communicate before you travel, both parties avoid that awful moment when you first ring the doorbell and wonder who will answer – because you already know each other.  

Lingoo host families
Lingoo host families

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Lingoo host family profiles are diverse. They range from traditional and single-parent families to single adults and retirees. But all of them believe that learning a foreign language should be fun and full of the discovery that classroom settings simply cannot offer. They will help you learn and practise the language in everyday situations and while indulging your hobbies. So if your child dreams of learning to ride a horse while learning the target language, or you want to enjoy long country walks while discussing the scenery to test your fluency, you can. Simply choose a host family that shares these interests. If you would also like structured language lessons, click here to find out more about staying with a homestay teacher.

Some hosts can also arrange to pick you (or your child) up at the airport or station and transport you there again when you return home. The Lingoo contract is also there to help unaccompanied children pass through immigration.

The identity of every host is checked personally by the Lingoo team before they can register with us. Together with references and visitor evaluations, contracts for each reservation, and support from the Lingoo team when misunderstandings occur, we ensure that your homestays are safe, secure and offer great value for money. Even your deposit is covered by our cancellation rules.   

In short, booking a stay with a host family through Lingoo is a totally immersive, fun way to learn a foreign language. And it will probably be an experience you will want to repeat. Click here to JOIN NOW.

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Looking for more information on our host families?   Here are four additional ways to learn more...

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2. Read through our FAQ section A world of languages :  Read more on Who are our Host Families?  and What is a Language Homestay?

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How it works
Look through current host family profiles. Visit the ‘Offers’ page (you don’t need to be a member)
Your subscription provides each Member access to unlimited language trips for a 12-month period
Connect to other members, match your interests and read evaluations from previous visitors. Get to know your host partner member using our secure messaging system.
Finalise the details of your stay via our secure an online reservation tool. You will receive a contract containing all the important details of the homestay.
Become a host

Lingoo is recruiting host families. Our host families provide accommodation, meals, day trips and social activities for their guests, as well as an authentic experience of their culture and everyday life. No formal language teaching qualifications are required, just enthusiasm to help someone build confidence in their language skills. Read more about becoming a host family. 

Find a host family

Instead of using an expensive language school or agency, you, your child, teenager or family group can find host families from all over the world who are registered on Lingoo and ready to welcome you into their homes and share their culture.

 If you, your child, teenager or family group want to learn or improve your French, we have many French host family members living in France, Belgium, French Canada and French speaking Switzerland.

Why not look for a French language host family living in a major city? Lingoo has many members living in Paris, Brussels or Montreal.

 If you, your child, teenager or family group want to learn or improve your German , we have many German host family members living in Germany, Austria and German speaking Switzerland.   To find a host family in Italy and to find a host family in Portugal and to find a host family in Spain.

Lingoo is the only site of its kind on the market and all of our host families have followed a registration process with a clear protocol governing identification and security.  

Find an English speaking host family

Instead of using a language school, you, your child, teenager or family group can find English speaking host families who are registered on Lingoo and ready to welcome you into their homes and help you to improve your or your child’s English.

We have a large number of host families living in all parts of the United KingdomEngland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Look for host families in one of the popular cities: London, Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton or Bournemouth.  Staying with a family in London is one of the most popular destinations.

The Republic of Ireland is a very popular destination for members seeking an English speaking host families made easy by the use of the Euro currency. Look for host families in one of the popular cities such as Dublin, Cork, Kerry, Galway or Limerick. 

Further away, Lingoo has a growing number of English host families in America (U.S.A.) and Canada and also Australia and New Zealand.

There are many English speaking hosts living in Spain and who many English speaking hosts living in France, who offer an English welcome without the need to travel.  If you would like more formal language lessons by staying in the home of your teacher , then read more information about staying in your teachers home.