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Want to know more about Lingoo? Read more on how we started, how we put language learners worldwide in touch with each other and what our members say about us.

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Lingoo Reviews

 Lingoo was launched by a husband and wife team in 2007 and is now the world’s biggest language exchange and homestay club.  A Lingoo language holiday or exchange is different. Our students and hosts choose each other based on online profiles, then match their interests and get to know each other before booking.  Every stay is followed by a detailed member review that is published online, so building the strength of the community.

Our aim is to help language learners connect with learning opportunities within this community, give people the power to decide how they would like to learn and practice a language and help language teachers and hosts deliver authentic language learning experiences. We’re proud of the many thousands of reviews and evaluations published on every member's profile that demonstrate the quality of learning experience our members deliver every day. Click here to see our testimonial page. To search through our Members, please click here and if you want to read what the press has said about Lingoo, please click here.

The Lingoo is part of the sharing economy, a way for individuals to connect with each other without going through an agency. Members choose each other based on shared interests and a strong feeling that they will get on well together whilst improving their language ability.  It’s a very different approach to the traditional language holiday trip that is organised and rather impersonal. Tailor making your own language holiday is an authentic solution that is, in addition, considerably better value than a brochure language holiday.

People of all ages use can use Lingoo. Parents organising a language holiday for their children or teenagers, family groups and adults of all ages travelling alone or with their partners. All use Lingoo to help improve their foreign language skills through a language exchange, a language homestay holiday, a stay in the home of a teacher or to invite a native speaker into their home for conversational language training. 

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Children, teenagers, adults or family groups

All major languages covered
Lingoo hosts and teachers are all native speakers living in the countries where the language is spoken. So, for example, you or your child can learn French in France or Belgium, study Spanish in Spain or even South America , Italian in Italy or stay with a German host teacher in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Search to see all of the languages spoken by Lingoo members.

Language exchange
With Lingoo you or your child could participate in a language exchange. You choose a like- minded foreign family for you trip abroad. A language exchange is then based on the two members each offering hospitality in turn on a reciprocal basis. Read more..

Language homestay
With Lingoo you or your child could be welcomed by a host family or language teacher that you pay directly. You, or your child will be welcomed into the home of a friendly host family that you select from the published offers on Lingoo. You can choose a host family or foreign language teacher that fits perfectly with your language project. Read more..

Language Au Pair  
Instead of sending your child or teenager abroad, invite a language Au Pair in your own home for native speaker language support for all of the family. Read more..


How it works
Look through our current member profiles. Visit the ‘Offers’ page (you don’t need to be a member)
Your subscription provides each Member access to unlimited language trips for a 12-month period
Connect to other members, match your interests and read evaluations from previous visitors. Get to know your host partner member using our secure messaging system.
Finalise the details of your stay via our secure an online reservation tool. You will receive a contract containing all the important details of the homestay. Leave a review when the stay is over.
Security is at the heart of our approach

You need to know that your homestay will be safe and secure. Since 2007, we have been using a stringent validation process for members; no one can actively use our site without first being validated by a human being. We physically check each member’s profile and members must supply a current identification document and proof of address. For added security, we allow members to create a credentials file (available to members on request). Our hosts are then evaluated by visitors with feedback left on their Lingoo profile.

We also protect your personal information on our secure servers in an encrypted form and our secure messaging system maintains your privacy during communication with other members. Any financial transactions through Lingoo are also safeguarded through enhanced security. Read more about security on Lingoo.