Language Immersion Program

A language immersion is the best way to learn a foreign language. Choose between a language exchange, a homestay or live and learn with a teacher.

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Language Immersion Program

The fastest way to learn a new language is with a full language immersion holiday.  Lingoo offers a range of language immersion programs for adults, teenagers and children that will allow you to combine formal and informal language immersion whilst staying with a friendly host family. 

The best way to learn a language is to live with the people who speak it every day. With a tailor made language immersion you can practice your target language authentic day to day learning situations.

Three ways to organise your language immersion:

  • Language exchange – you or your child stays with a family abroad then a family member of the same age stays with you and your family. Find out more
  • Homestay – you, your child or family group stay with a family abroad. Find out more
  • Stay with a teacher – you or your child stay in the home of a teacher abroad for more structured lessons. Find out more.

Lingoo is not an agency and our language immersion programs are not ready made. The choice is yours. On Lingoo you can choose to stay with a friendly host family living in the city or the countryside, you can choose how you combine the formal and informal parts of your language immersion and you decide who you want to stay with and for how long.

We specialise in language immersion holidays in: 

Each host family has a personal profile on Lingoo, so you can see pictures of them, the accommodation, your room, and read reviews from previous visitors. They even tell you all about the things they like doing. So you can choose someone who shares your interests.

On our language immersion program, you’ll find some warm and friendly welcomes waiting for you in some amazing locations all over the world. You might be studying for exams or a professional qualification or simply want a more authentic learning experience. A language immersion stay can help you do all of these things as part of a learning experience like no other.

Children, teenager, adult or family language immersions
How to join
Look through our current English exchange or homestay profiles. Click on the search bar now (you don’t need to be a member).
Your subscription provides each Member access to unlimited language trips for a 12-month period.
Match your interests and read evaluations from previous visitors. Start getting to know your partner Member using the secure Lingoo messaging system before making a booking
Finalise the details of your stay via our secure an online reservation tool. You will receive a contract containing all the important details of the homestay.
More about Lingoo

Lingoo was launched by a husband and wife team in 2008 and is now the world’s biggest language exchange and homestay club.

Our mission is to help language learners connect with learning opportunities within this community, give people the power to decide how they would like to learn and practice a language and help language teachers and hosts deliver authentic language learning experiences.

People of all ages use Lingoo including parents, families, adults travelling alone and young adults.

Parents use Lingoo to help their children improve their foreign language skills through either a language exchange, paid homestay holiday or a stay in the home of a teacher. Adults and whole families can do the same.

Young adults taking a gap year, in between jobs, learning a new language or even looking for a long holiday often choose to become Language Au Pairs. It’s a great way to travel the world, staying in the homes of local people in exchange for teaching them conversation skills in their own language.

If you are interested in joining Lingoo for your children, click here. For adults travelling alone or with family groups, click here.  To learn more about becoming a language au-pair, click here.

If you are interested in becoming a host family or teaching from your home, please click here.