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Language holidays for adults and family groups

On a language holiday for adults you get inside the local language and culture. Whether studying for a qualification, learning new language skills or looking for a more authentic cultural immersion, a language holiday with a host family gives you access to an effective learning experience like no other.

Our language holidays are for adults and also family groups. With Lingoo you choose and contact foreign host families directly, giving you much more control where you stay during your foreign language immersion holiday and saving you money.  

All major languages covered
Lingoo hosts and teachers are all native speakers living in the countries where the language is spoken. So, for example, you can learn French in France, study Spanish in Spain or even South America , Italian in Italy or stay with a German host teacher in Germany.  Search to see all of the languages spoken by Lingoo members.

Language exchange
A language exchange is a two-way exchange between members where both offer hospitality to each other.  It is an option that takes commitment to organise but is an excellent way to improve your foreign language conversation skills

Language homestay
With Lingoo you or your family could be welcomed by a host family or language teacher that you pay directly. You will stay in the home of a friendly host family that you select from the published offers on Lingoo. You can choose a host family or foreign language teacher that fits perfectly with your language learning project. 

Some things you just can’t learn in a classroom. Lingoo is a new way to learn a language. 

Three great ways to learn
Language exchange
Stay with your teacher
Stay with a host family
Find out more

Join Lingoo as an individual, couple or family, and you can book as many language homestays as you like in the following 12 months for just one annual fee. 

Read more about becoming an Adult member.  You’ll find out more about the Lingoo community, how it works, and read some real-life stories from our members when you visit our FAQs and blog.

How it works
Look through our published profiles. Click on the search bar now (you don’t need to be a member to search).
Choose between Adult and Group Member type, complete registration and publish your profile.
Choose between a language exchange, homestay or homestay with a teacher. Find a partner whose interests match yours. Make contact and start to discuss a trip.
Finalise the details of your stay via our secure an online reservation tool. You will receive a contract containing all the important details of the homestay.
What is a language homestay?

It’s a relatively new way to travel while learning or improving your foreign language skills. Stay with a host family for language and cultural immersion or book a stay in the home of a teacher for formal, structured lessons. Your Lingoo host provides accommodation and meals and a fast and effective way to eat, sleep and breathe the language. 

Stay in the home of your teacher

A new, intensive way to immerse yourself in the language you are learning. Lingoo homestay teachers provide meals and accommodation alongside formal or informal lessons to help students of all ages accelerate their language acquisition. All of our homestay teachers hold a professional qualification to teach the languages they offer.

What is a language exchange?

Two members offer hospitality to each other. You stay in the host family’s home, enjoying their lifestyle while improving your language skills all day. The host family becomes your guest at a later date, staying in your home, for exactly the same benefits. 

Make learning fun

Choose a homestay with someone who shares your interests, lifestyle or even religion. Most hosts are happy to share their hobbies and provide fun activities and day trips. All these elements make up a successful language homestay experience. You can find out what kinds of interests some of our hosts offer by searching here.

Security is at the heart of our approach

You need to know that your homestay will be safe and secure. Since 2007, we have been using a stringent validation process for members; no one can actively use our site without first being validated by a human being. We physically check each member’s profile and members must supply a current identification document and proof of address. For added security, we allow members to create a credentials file (available to members on request). Our hosts are then evaluated by visitors with feedback left on their Lingoo profile.

We also protect your personal information on our secure servers in an encrypted form and our secure messaging system maintains your privacy during communication with other members. Any financial transactions through Lingoo are also safeguarded through enhanced security. Read more about security on Lingoo.

Aged 18-30? Travel as a Language Au Pair

As a Language Au Pair, you travel the world staying in the homes of local people in exchange for teaching them conversation skills in your own language. It’s a new approach to working holidays for anyone aged between 18 and 30, who is unmarried and has no dependants. You can do this for up to 24 months, so it’s an ideal way to spend a gap year or plan an adventure abroad. You save money on accommodation as it’s provided for free. Language Au Pairs are not expected to plan and deliver formal lessons. They simply help their hosts improve their spoken language skills. The Language Au Pair’s ‘fee’ is free accommodation and meals (although some families offer a small salary). Read more about the Language Au Pair role .

Become a Host Family or Homestay Teacher

Offer paid stays in your own home to families, children or individual adults, and if you hold a recognised teaching qualification, you can offer formal language lessons as a homestay teacher. You’re in complete control of who stays in your home, for how long, when, how much you charge, and what benefits you offer. You can even decide which age group you’d like to host. To find out more about hosting and teaching from home, read more …  For tips on how to become a successful Lingoo host family or teacher, read our blog