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Why invite a Language Au Pair into my home?

Speaking a foreign language well, and in a variety of situations, takes practice. By hosting a Lingoo Language Au Pair in your home you gain access to a native speaker ready to help you improve your conversation skills on a daily basis. It’s an intensive, highly cost-effective way to gain access to a native speaker because, unlike a teacher, there are no fees. You provide accommodation and meals in exchange for language support.

Whether you’re learning the language for fun, to pass an examination or to improve your career prospects, Language Au Pairs provide language learning support in everyday situations. You can host a Language Au Pair in your home for as little as a few days or for as long as a few months, depending upon your needs. And unlike a classroom environment, it’s a fun and sociable way to learn. You can invite your Language Au Pair into your daily life, show them your community and share your culture. While your guest gains a unique insight into your customs and lifestyle, you practice and improve your foreign language skills in a unique and inspiring way.