What should I include in my Credentials File?

Your profile should show off your home to its best with plenty of quality photographs and a clear, well-described offer. Your Credentials File provides safety and transparency for guests, who will request it as part of the reservation process. So you can include supporting information about you and your offer, such as:

  • Personal and /or professional References (ensuring your personal contact details cannot be seen but the name and address of the referee is clearly visible)
  • A copy of your police record or CRB/DRB check (UK only)
  • A copy of your teaching qualifications (obligatory for teachers)
  • Your CV or a copy of your professional qualifications.

Please remember:
-Never allow your personal details to be visible on any documents.
-Lingoo will keep all documents in your Credentials File secure.
-These documents will only be shared with members with your permission.

 Read more about what sort of References you should include.