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What is a Language Homestay?

Some things you just can’t learn in a classroom. A language homestay is an opportunity for people of all ages – from children to retired people – to improve their language skills in authentic, everyday situations. On a language homestay, you stay abroad in the home of a local family. They provide meals, accommodation, a warm welcome into their family life, and plenty of opportunities to improve your language skills.

You can choose to stay in the home of a teacher for a more structured approach or with a host family offering language coaching. Some hosts can also arrange language courses in local schools. Whatever you choose, language homestays are a fun, intensive, way to learn a language while enjoying a cultural experience.

And booking through Lingoo allows you to control every aspect of the stay. You decide the price, timing, length of stay, activities on the holiday, level of language support, and so on. You can even match your hobbies and interests to those of the host by reviewing their profiles.

While planning a stay, we show you how to use our search criteria to find the perfect offer, whether you’re planning a trip for one of your children or you’re a professional preparing for a language exam. You can discuss all these details using our secure messaging service before you book. This is important because a language homestay is an opportunity not just to learn a language but to also experience a culture, gain a new perspective on the world and make new friendships.