A world of languages

How much does a language exchange cost?

It’s free. Apart from travel costs, make sure you budget for day trips and any other  special expenses not foreseen.

A Lingoo language exchange takes place between two families or individuals with matched interests who get to know each other before organising a language exchange trip. Turn a conversational exchange into a language immersion holiday and practice your language every day in authentic real life situations. 

With Lingoo you get to know your exchange partner before you travel and avoid that awful moment when you arrive at the doorstep to meet strangers.

Choose your language exchange partner from thousands of registered and approved families with detailed profiles on our site. Simply find a family in the place you’d like to stay, look through their profile photos, see if you share the same interests, diet and even religion. If you like what you see, contact them through our secure messaging system, get to know them and when you’re both happy, book an exchange. Read more about a language exchange.