Organise a paid language stay

Organise a paid homestay with a Teacher for yourself

You can arrange to stay in the home of a qualified teacher for an opportunity to improve your language skills intensively. This is a paid stay arrangement. The teacher provides meals, accommodation, a warm welcome into their family life, and structured language lessons alongside opportunities to practise in authentic everyday situations. This offers the ideal preparation to pass an exam, achieve professional goals or to improve fluency. You can find out more about staying in the home of a teacher here .

Start your search

Use the search tool to select your target language and select “homestay with a Teacher”.

Next, narrow down your search by selecting the criteria most important to you through the search filter options.

Find a suitable Teacher

Your search results appear with the most recently updated profiles at the top. Click ‘View this profile’ to see the Teacher’s profile in detail.

 If you are logged on as an Adult Member, you can now either contact Teacher Members or save their profiles in ‘My selection’ to contact them later. To save the profile to ‘My selection’, click ‘Add to selection’. 

Set up alerts

You can set up an alert to receive notification when a new profile matching your criteria goes live. 

Start talking

Read the details of each profile (particularly any evaluations from previous stays) and when you find a profile you like, contact the member to discuss the stay. Take this opportunity to not just check their availability but also get to know them and agree all the details of the stay.  Ask Teachers to share their Credentials file, which will include their professional qualifications (to find out more about Credentials files, click here .

 For your own security, Lingoo advises strongly that all communication should remain within the Lingoo secure messaging system at all times.


Confirm a stay

When all aspects of the stay have been discussed and agreed with the Teacher Member, start a reservation by clicking ‘Confirm a stay’.

 An online Paid Language Stay Contract is initiated by the guest and completed by both parties. This important document outlines all the details of the stay that you and your host have agreed.

 Please do not confirm any travel arrangements until the contract is signed. 

Complete the Paid Language Stay Contract

The contract sets out the terms of the homestay and the commitments made by each member to the other. It is completed (or modified) online alternately by the two members until they have reached an accord. It includes a list of commitments made by each of the members and provides security for the homestay.

 The contract is a safety tool that increases the security of the homestay and the clarity of the transaction. Read more about the Paid Language Stay Contract .

Sign the Paid Language Stay Contract

Once the contract is agreed, you now buy a booking voucher to confirm your reservation. It is a deposit of 15% of the total cost of the stay. This reservation fee is subject to UK VAT, depending on where you live. Teachers with at least one evaluation on their profile can also request a small deposit to secure your stay with them. 

Will I receive confirmation of my language homestay booking?

Yes, after the contract is signed, you will receive a PDF of the contract and the record of messages between both parties on Lingoo’s secure messaging system. If, for any reason, you need to cancel your booking, please see Lingoo’s Cancellation Policy .

Pay the balance, enjoy your stay

You pay the balance of the total cost directly to your Teacher. The date(s) of payment and bank details are indicated in the contract.

Leave an online evaluation

Shortly after the stay is completed, we will ask you to leave an evaluation of your experience. Please provide this important feedback as it helps us improve our service. Your evaluation will be published on the Teacher’s profile.

What if a Teacher asks me to reserve a stay with them directly?

This is highly risky and prohibited by the membership rules. Lingoo provides a number of safeguards when booking through our secure system to protect both the teacher and the student. For example, your deposit is held securely so that if you need to cancel your trip for any reason you could be entitled to a refund. You can read Lingoo’s cancellation policy here .

 We also protect your confidentiality through our secure messaging system, carry out stringent identity validation and provide a completed contract containing all details of the agreement for each reservation. This contract can be used to prove the stay took place for insurance reasons and is highly important for under-age children or non-EU citizens who may need to present this document to pass through border controls. Members who reserve a stay outside the Lingoo system will be systematically removed from the site.