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How can I learn a language during my working gap year?

Gap years can be a fun, valuable investment in your future if you use them to learn a new language. And the best ways to do that are through a homestay  or by working as a Language Au Pair.

If you work as a Language Au Pair, your role is to help the family you are living with to learn your language. But there is no reason why you can’t also learn theirs during your ‘down time’. Living with a family abroad you eat, sleep and breathe the language. If you’re learning it for the first time, your host will guide you from your first few words to using the language in everyday situations. As your confidence grows, you’ll feel able to try your new skills in the local community. And because you’re making such an effort to learn the language, don’t be surprised if you make many new friends. At this stage, you’ll not only be gaining an insight into the language and culture but also the customs and community in which you’re living – something you just can’t learn in a classroom.

You can use Lingoo to choose a host family anywhere in the world and get to know them before you book. You can arrange all the details using our secure online messaging service – from how long you stay and when to matching hobbies and interests to make your stay more fun. Students who return from a working gap year as a Language Au Pair say they’ve gained confidence, maturity, independence, a fresh perspective on the world and many other skills that will benefit them both at university and when they start their first job.