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How to Pick the Right Au Pair Host Family

We’re certainly not shy about sharing the benefits of teaching as a language au pair. As well as being able to help others master your language, you get to experience a whole other country and culture. 

Not to mention travel with the world in the most exciting and affordable way possible. Being a language au pair can also improve career prospects - as our latest blog post discovered.

Here at Lingoo, we help experienced and first-time au pairs find the opportunities that are right for them. Connecting au pairs with the families who need them in a range of fantastic destinations overseas is what we’re all about. Your host family makes all the difference to your experience as a language au pair, a fact that means finding the right host family for you is vital.

Discover our top tips for picking the right au pair host family and become a language au pair abroad sooner than you think.

Figure out what you want

Being clear about what you want from your language au pair experience is the best place to begin. This should be defined before you start your search for the perfect au pair host family.

It’s important to remember that no two au pair host families are the same. Whether language learning, travelling, or both are your priority, make sure those shortlisted host families have the setup and options for you to achieve your goals.

Being a language au pair is a great way to get involved in family life and become familiar with the local customs that aid language learning further. Think and be honest about how much you want to be involved in family life.

Get to know potential host families

The joy of Lingoo is that you can chat to potential au pair host families before you commit to your placement. Our secure messaging service gives language au pairs and host families the chance to get to know each other and discover whether they will be the right fit.

Outlining your expectations early can help find the perfect host family for you amongst your chosen few as travel blog Ashley Abroad details:

“‘I don’t want to work weekends, I want my own bathroom and I’m a vegetarian’: it all sounds rather demanding and selfish, doesn’t it? It can be particularly difficult as a young woman to lay out your needs like that, especially if your prior work experience is in jobs where you didn’t have any bargaining power. However, an au pair role is different to other jobs.”

In return, your host family will communicate their expectations and through this, you will quickly discover whether they are the right fit for you.

Ask for recommendations

Liaise with other language au pairs to hear their tips and recommendations for picking a host family. If the host family has had language au pairs before and you can chat to them, that’s even better!

Ask former language au pairs about what you can expect from family life as well as explore the positives and negatives of the position.

Explore all your options

Remember you don’t have to say “yes” to the first au pair host family you speak to. Lingoo gives you all you need to explore your options and chat to multiple host families before making this very important decision. Don’t forget to consult with your own family and friends, their opinions can help you make the right choice.

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