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As a qualified EFL tutor, you set your own pay rates, work from home, and choose when, who, and what you teach.

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Become an English Homestay Tutor

When you join Lingoo as an English language homestay tutor, you become your own boss and your home is your school. There are no agencies. Students find you through your online Lingoo profile.  In fact you turn your home into a tutor business.

You provide accommodation and meals to your students, as well as formal and informal English language lessons. You control the syllabus and how often you work. There are no long-term commitments. Everything is flexible.  

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With Lingoo, you discuss every element of the homestay with your students and get to know them through our secure messaging system before they book. We encourage students and tutors to look for shared interests on each other’s profiles.

These elements make the homestay more enjoyable and rewarding for both of you. So if you both love football, you could watch games together. Or if long country walks are a shared passion, you can spend hours walking and talking together to combine language learning and pleasure.  

Students learn fast, gain confidence, have fun

Qualified EFL tutor  offering English language homestays are in demand. This level of immersion in the language and culture is an intensive, fun way to gain confidence and fluency. So for a qualified EFL tutor looking for increased personal and financial freedom, it also offers great job satisfaction. 

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How do homestay tutors work?

Homestay tutors  use their language teaching qualifications to teach in their own home. It’s a freelance opportunity.  That makes it highly flexible. Some work from home all the time while others are full-time schoolteachers who offer homestays during school holidays. All homestay tutors  control who they teach, when, and for how long. They also control how much they charge, the curriculum, and the activities and facilities they provide.

What makes a tutor homestay effective?

It’s an unrivalled opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the local language and culture. The student and tutor  spend time together – in formal or informal lesson settings and during normal daily activities – so the student practices the language, builds confidence, and absorbs the local culture. The teacher provides meals and accommodation as well as social and sightseeing activities to enrich the learning process.

What is Lingoo?

Lingoo is an online community that provides four great ways to enjoy a language holiday. You can arrange a language exchange in which you offer hospitality to another Lingoo member who invites you to his or her home in ‘exchange’.

You can arrange a stay in the home of a qualified tutor for an agreed period for structured language lessons.

Or you can choose to stay with a host family; this is an arrangement where you live and eat together for an authentic language and cultural homestay. You can even invite a Language Au Pair into your home to provide the whole family with language tuition in an informal way that fits into your family life.

Lingoo was launched by a husband and wife team in 2008 and is now the world’s biggest language exchange and homestay club.