What is the best way of learning a language? Practising it in the country where it is spoken!

Create a tailor-made language study holiday for your child or teenager, just the way you want it.


A Lingoo language exchange is based on two families each offering hospitality in turn on a reciprocal basis. ►►

With Lingoo you can also choose a paid host family that will suit your child perfectly. You're the one who agrees the terms for the stay with the host family and pays them directly. ►►

With Lingoo you can...

Organise a language exchange holiday for your child with a like-minded partner family. ►►

Organise a paid language study holiday by selecting the ideal host family for your child. ►►

Become a paid hosting family or a host teacher and welcome foreign students into your home ►►


"un séjour à la campagne de qualité. Activités diversifiées. merci"
Gaëtan 13 Years old - Nanterre
"Time in Jane's family exceeded all my expectations. It was full of amazing places, interesting conversations and entertainments. I'll be missing Jane and remember her all my life. So thank you, Jane!!"
Polina 16 Years old - Kiev