What is Lingoo?

Create a unique language homestay or find a perfect language exchange partner anywhere in the world based on your budget, where you want to stay, when, and for how long. Book a stay with a host or teacher who shares your hobbies, interests and lifestyle for a more relaxed, effective and fun experience. Or start a new adventure as a host or home-based language teacher.

Language learning for all ages. Totally flexible. Learn for pleasure, work or to pass an exam by joining the world’s biggest online language club. Read more...

Learn a language, host, teach or au pair

Find a host, teacher, language Au Pair, or become one yourself.
Choose your membership, register, publish your profile, start.
Contact and get to know the host of your language exchange, homestay with a host family, or homestay with a teacher, or your Language Au Pair.
Finalise the details of your stay via our secure an online reservation tool. You will receive a contract containing all the important details of the homestay.


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We’ve changed the way we do things here at Lingoo and are kicking off the new year with a bang by offering free lifetime memberships for all of our new and existing members. Because whether you’re a current Lingoo member or your membership with us has expired, you can now take advantage of becoming
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Some things just can’t be learned in a classroom. Lingoo offers authentic language holidays for children, teenagers, family groups and adults of all ages through language exchanges, homestays and one-to-one language tutors. By staying with a friendly host family or language teacher, you, your child or small family group, can eat sleep and breathe a new language and culture. Whether preparing for an exam or feeding a personal passion for languages, complete immersion offers access to an intensive learning experience like no other.

We provide four great ways to learn a foreign language:

  • Language exchange – two families offer hospitality to each other; either as a family group, just the children or adults; this language swap is a totally modern approach to the traditional French, Spanish or German exchange.
  • Live and learn with your teacher – you, your child or small family group, stay in the home of a teacher to learn a language formally.
  • Stay with a host family – you, your child or small family group, stay with a host family for an authentic language immersion holiday.
  • Conversation training – your family gains day-to-day access to a native speaker when you host a Language Au Pair in your home for intensive, language and conversation practice.

Joining Lingoo allows you to book as many homestays for you, your child or your family as you like in the following 12 months.

With so many opportunities to learn a foreign language with Lingoo, the only challenge is choosing the best option. So here’s a quick guide:

  • Children and teenagers learn well through complete immersion. The combination of using the language every day coupled with encouragement and support on a language exchange, staying with a host family or staying in the teacher’s home, improves confidence and accelerates learning. 
  • Adults have exactly the same language immersion options. You can expand your existing language capabilities or learn new ones through conversation exchanges and language swaps when you stay in the home of a native speaker dedicated to helping you learn. 
  • If you or your children prefer not to travel, you can host a Language Au Pair in your own home. This provides an intensive opportunity for conversation practice in exchange for meals and accommodation and a small salary (at your discretion).

There’s another way to share your love of languages with Lingoo:

Hosting foreign students in your home as a family is a fun way to offer paid stays and earn extra income. As a hosting family, just like a traditional French exchange or Spanish exchange, you provide accommodation and meals. But to make it even more fun, Lingoo encourages the student to match their interests with yours as the family hosting students. So you can offer opportunities to share your interests with your guests during each stay.

If you are qualified to teach a language as a foreign language, you can offer complete immersion to your students, alongside one-to-one tuition, from the comfort of your own home. Home language tuition is a growth area. The unrivalled opportunity for language practice offered by combining staying in a teacher’s home with formal lessons allows students to reach their goals – whether personal, professional or to pass exams – and faster than in a traditional classroom. Read more..

Student hosting with Lingoo offers you complete control. You decide who, when and for how long you host foreign students, as well as how much you charge and what you offer. You can even get to know each other before booking. To get started with student hosting or if you are new to hosting students and want to know more, Read more..