What is the best way of learning a language? Practising it in the country where it is spoken!

Create a tailor-made language study holiday for your child or teenager, just the way you want it.


A Lingoo language exchange is based on two families each offering hospitality in turn on a reciprocal basis. ►►

With Lingoo you can also choose a paid host family that will suit your child perfectly. You're the one who agrees the terms for the stay with the host family and pays them directly. ►►

With Lingoo you can...

Organise a language exchange holiday for your child with a like-minded partner family. ►►

Organise a paid language study holiday by selecting the ideal host family for your child. ►►

Become a paid hosting family or a host teacher and welcome foreign students into your home ►►


"Famille très sympathique et agréable, bonne cuisine, confort total et très bons cours. Je suis tout à fait prêt à y retourner. Très belle petite ville."
Jean-Baptiste 17 Years old - la chapelle d'aunainville
"First of all I just liked the fact that I could speak English with your family because it's a big family and there are people of many different ages. I had fun with Melanie Rose and with Clementine, I played with Malachi, and so on ... Then, I liked the house and the area. It's the countryside and there is a lot of nature around the house. It was good to have some fresh air while we went for a walk. I really liked the presence of young people. Plus, in your family I was welcomed, I lived in a nice atmosphere, in a friendly place. "